Strange Sightings Reported All Across Louisville

Strange Sightings Rumored; Alien Invasion Feared

You might have heard the rumors yourself.  I personally don’t know what to make of them.  Before the object, claims of alien sightings qualified immediately as insane or stupid, but now?  I’m inclined to believe a lot more these days.

Before we rush to get behind the claims that Louisville is being invaded, we should take a few things into consideration:

1) More and more people are leaving the city every day, leaving the streets quieter, creepier, which further stimulates the terrified mind.

2) Crime is increasing.  These “sightings” might well be the nightly movements of looters and vandals.

3) The very presence of the object lends to a new inclination: to mistake shapes and shadows for alien creatures.

So, on the one hand, current conditions in Louisville almost beg for false reports of alien sightings.  On the other hand, the likelihood that these reports are real is palpable, and as more and more pour in . . . you have to wonder.

Most of these reports are coming from the west end, where among other things the murder rate is skyrocketing.  People claim to have seen large, lurching shadows on rooftops.  Others have reported strange lights in the sky.  What’s disconcerting about these reports is that they all describe the lights as golden in color.

A local artist drew this sketch and posted it on his blog after allegedly seeing “something swimming in the sky.”  He described the creature as “golden, electric, leaving a trail of light behind it like sparkler sticks on the 4th of July.”

Copyright Justin Comley, 2012

This is likely a hoax.  Some amateur artist exploiting people’s fear of the object to make a name for himself.  If you’re out there, Justin Comley, we want to speak with you, give you a chance to substantiate your claim that you indeed saw this creature “swimming in the sky” over downtown Louisville.

In the meantime, readers, I’d like you to take the following poll to help us gauge where people stand on the issue of these “sightings.”  And please share your opinions below.


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