When the Object Hits the Fan

Louisville Apocalypse?

This is America, people.  What do Americans do when we feel (or think we might soon feel) threatened by something?  We bomb it.  BOOM.  Problem solved, right?  Well, for those of us in the shadow of the object, this is a problem.

The most effective offensive maneuver is a preemptive one.  The United States government might get antsy and dispense with the prospect of gaining any knowledge, wisdom, or new technology the object may have to offer in lieu of preventing an Independence Day-like assault on our precious American soil.

That means no more Louisville.  No more Cards-Cats rivalry.  No more you.  No more me.  This is a new kind of Thunder Over Louisville.

So what do you think?  Will President Obama nuke the object?


3 thoughts on “When the Object Hits the Fan

  1. It depends on who the President is. You might stand a chance with Obama. He might try a diplomatic solution, but if a Republican is in office it is bye, bye Louisville!

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