The Walking Dead Finale or Finally Some Freakin’ Zombies

Shane is dead.  I’ve been waiting two seasons to be able to say that.  Might as well say it again.  Shane is dead.  I’m happy.  He should have died six episodes ago.

I’m also very happy that the farm is about to be overrun by zombies.  Frank Darabont has let the show stagnate by idling too long on that farm.  He’s turned a post-apocalyptic action/drama into a soap opera, with plot progression relying too heavily on characters making unrealistically poor decisions.

Anyone seen my eyeball?

It’s okay, though.  The Sopranos is one of the greatest television series of all time, despite David Chase’s dragging focus on Vito and Johnny Cakes and their man-loving picnics in the grassy meadows of New Hampshire.  A TV show can have weak points and still recover.

So bring on the zombies!


Let’s see how well you know the show:


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Finale or Finally Some Freakin’ Zombies

  1. I loved the comic books and I thought I would love the show. But, I’m not so far. The last two episodes were the only ones I really liked at all. Now, I don’t care that they changed it from the books; that’s going to happen, but the farm is just getting old and there is way to much soap opera and not enough zombies.

    And, if Lori or Andrea died in the episode I would be so happy, but sadly I know that is not going to happen. Sigh.

  2. I voted Hershel, but realistically, I think at least two people should die. I also think T-dog will be one of them. he hasn’t really been given any roles lately. It would be an easy decision to kill him off.

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