Circle Free; Also, Help Kill Ted

Tomorrow and Tuesday (May 7th & 8th), A Circle in the Woods will once again be free on Amazon.

My goal is to give away even more books than I did last time, so I need all the help I can get.  Please share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, etc., or just copy and paste the link to the book itself.  More readers of A Circle in the Woods could mean more readers of The Object.

So head on over to Amazon and download a free copy of A Circle in the Woods, and when you’re done with that, tell everyone you know about it.

In the meantime, for those of you who are caught up on The Object, take a vote on what should happen to Ted in Episode Six:



4 thoughts on “Circle Free; Also, Help Kill Ted

  1. I want to see Ted escape. He may be needed in some way later on. I also like the idea of the alien getting him.

  2. I clicked other, but only because I want to clarify what exactly I want to see happen to good ol’ Ted. I think he should definitely be unleashed, surely Lilia and Sherman don’t have it in them to kill a man who isn’t half dead already. I would like to think not anyway. But after he is let loose, he should soon be a victim of that crazy alien creature, so we can see what it is capable of! 🙂

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