A Couple Things

I just wanted to update everyone on the progress of The Object.  We’re very happy with how it’s been going so far, and we really appreciate your readership, participation, and help with promoting our little project to the world.  So let me begin by thanking you, readers, on behalf of Matt, Justin, and myself.  We’ve been having a blast, and we hope we’re entertaining you, as well.

You probably noticed there is no episode tonight.  Episode Seven–entitled “Waking Up Falling”–has been delayed until Saturday.  If you live in the Vine Grove, Kentucky area, you know why.  We’ve been experiencing power outages all day.  I also had to fulfill an unanticipated family obligation this morning, but fear not, restless reader.  The Object will return soon!

We’ve given away over 4,000 copies of Episodes One, Two, and Three on Amazon and sold dozens more.  The decision to remove episodes in blocks of three and make them available for sale and free promos has increased our reader base exponentially in the past month.  Episodes Four, Five, and Six are now available on Amazon, and you can also get them for free on Smashwords.  (We’re patiently waiting for Amazon to price match so they’ll be free everywhere.)

I’m not putting a poll on this post, because I’d really like to get some feedback from you guys (especially those of you we haven’t heard from yet–you Kindle kids).

If you have time, please take a moment to respond to one or more of these questions:

1) How is the story moving along for you?  Is there room for improvement in some places?  What aspects of the story would you like to see developed further?

2) What do you think of the music?  Is it mood-appropriate?  Which score is your favorite?  Any ideas for the type of score you’d like to hear in future episodes?  Any suggestions for improvement?

3) Are you enjoying the illustrations?  Do they add to the story?  Are you happy with which scenes we’ve chosen to illustrate?  What/who would you like to see focused on more?  What’s your favorite illustration?

Thanks for your help, everyone.  We’re one-third of the way through Book One and can’t wait to get it all together and edited so we can make the full book available both in ebook and paperback form.

See you Saturday!


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