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Need Help From My Readers

Let me start off by letting you know I’ve decided to finish Book One of The Object and make it available on Amazon in August.  Lucky for you, I’ll be announcing its first free promo day ahead of time, and if you’ve subscribed for email notifications, you’ll be able to snag a copy.

I’m hoping the availability of The Object: Book One will drastically increase participation on this blog during the serialization of Book Two so we can begin to utilize some of the cool contests and events I’ve been planning, including a character contest, a chance to vote for a character to be killed, and even an episode in which you get to decide what happens.

From this point forward, new episodes will be posted regularly–yes, on schedule, for a change–until the official release of Book One.

While I’m writing and releasing episodes of Book Two, I also plan to begin another novel, and here’s where I need your help.  I’d like to give you the tentative title and a brief description of the stories I’m currently outlining and have you vote for which one you’re most interested in reading.

Here they are.  Thanks for taking a moment to help me make up my mind!


Inside–A futuristic novel in which all of human civilization exists in an indoor facility.  The story follows a young male protagonist living in and working from a one-room cell who suddenly finds himself being led by the hand into the elite class of citizens who enjoy luxuries he never imagined, only to discover a dark, hidden truth about what the world has become.  This endeavor is more in the vein of A Circle in the Woods than The Object.

Control–A three-book series about a teenage girl who gets kidnapped from a concert and taken to a secluded mansion deep in the woods, where she meets a group of people all too familiar to her: they’re all celebrities, people she sees on TV every day, and they want something from her.  This will be geared towards a mainstream audience.

Prettiest When It’s Dying–This book is over halfway complete.  It follows Jimmy Sharp, a high school student living in rural Kentucky who spends his weekends in the woods digging ginseng.  One day he wanders a little too far and comes upon two young girls living in a tree house in the woods behind their grandfather’s farm.  They’re both malnourished, exposed to the elements, and subject to constant physical abuse.  What’s worse, Jimmy finds out the girls have been placed there to guard the largest marijuana operation in the history of the state, and when he tries to help them escape, he discovers just how many people in his small town have a hand in the business–and how much they don’t want things disturbed.  This novel is thematically and atmospherically similar to The Drought.

Untitled–A young genius living on a 1,000 acre farm he inherited from his dead parents discovers the world is going to end in about ten years, and he decides not to tell anyone about it.


Vote for Your Favorite

10 thoughts on “Need Help From My Readers

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  3. ‘Prettiest When It’s Dying’ has me intrigued. Read the description and already can’t wait to read the book. I voted for it, but ‘Control’ sounds really good as well.

    • That’s great, because it’s looking like Prettiest When It’s Dying will be available next month, soon after the release of The Object: Book One. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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  5. You might as well finish Prettiest When It’s Dying first since it is halfway complete. Also I would love to read something written in a similar style as the Drought because I loved that book so much. It was one of those books that made me sad that it ended.

  6. Why pick? Do all three…as one. I can see several ways where all those stories could fuse into one and play off of one another in a spectacular fashion. And I know you can as well.

    Following this book you could even let each story further evolve into its own specific and seperate sequel(s).

    I love the title Prettiest When It’s Dying, by the way. Give it to me.

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