Louisville, Kentucky

What Would You Change About This World?

People who spend time with me regularly in person know I have a tendency to ramble on and on about how to make the world a happier, safer, and more sustainable place.  In an upcoming interview for another blog, I was asked what I would change about the United States given the opportunity and resources.

I have lots of ideas, some of which I may share later, but for now I’d like to pose the same question to you guys.  We’ll keep it about the world as a whole.  What would you change about it if you could?

Looking forward to your responses.  Maybe we can get an interesting discussion going.


P.S.–As so often happens, Episode Eight is late.  I’ve almost finished it, so don’t expect to wait much longer.  Tomorrow evening is a possibility.  It’s been a grueling month at work.

P.S.S.–I have an exciting announcement coming up later in the week.  For those of you who’ve committed to putting up with my frequent tardiness, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a new aspect of The Object blog soon to be unveiled.

P.S.S.–Check back on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, because I’m giving nearly all my books away for free on those days.

Thanks to everyone who’s been tweeting and sharing The Object!  Keep it up!

2 thoughts on “What Would You Change About This World?

  1. I don’t care which philosphy you choose, but if people could really do unto others or harm ye none or whatever, that would go a long way to improving things.

  2. A most difficult question although it seems simple. I would infuse a deep sense of respect for human dignity and value into our world. That would make a difference to most of our problems.

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