The Object Character Contest Now Open!

The Object Character Contest

Now you can become part of The Object by infecting our serial novel with your imagination!


The rules are simple.  Come up with a brilliant character who fits into the reality of the story and enter your description in the form below.  It’s that simple.

Contest Structure

1) The contest will be open for submissions until October 1st, 2012 or until at least 20 entries are received.

2) I will then choose 5 or more favorites and post them for your voting.  Voting will last for one week.

3) The Top Two most voted characters will then be illustrated by our artist, Justin Comley, and those illustrations will be posted along with their corresponding descriptions for a final vote.  This round of voting will also last one week.

4) The winner will be announced, and that person will be notified via email.  The winning entrant will then be mailed his/her prize and his/her character will appear in Book Two of The Object.


The Object Character Contest will award a Grand Prize and 2nd Place Prize.

Grand Prize: $50.00 cash and a signed copy of The Object: Book One, upon publication.

2nd Place Prize: A signed copy of The Object: Book One, upon publication.

Terms and Conditions

By entering this contest, you grant The Object exclusive and permanent rights to your original character and you concede that your character may be used in The Object: Book Two without any compensation other than the Grand Prize listed above.  You also agree to never seek further compensation for, credit for, or rights to, your original character.

You assert that the character description you submit to The Object Character Contest is of your original creation and that it does not derive from any fictional character or real person known to you.  You agree to assume responsibility for any accusation of plagiarism or copyright infringement that arises if and when your character becomes part of The Object.

You understand and agree that The Object reserves the right not to use your character, even if it wins the contest, if we deem the winning character unsuitable for the series.  In such an instance, you will still be granted your Grand Prize.

If you agree to these terms and conditions and wish to enter The Object Character Contest, enter your information into the form below:

4 thoughts on “The Object Character Contest Now Open!

    • Thanks for submitting, Christina!

      I took a glance at your character and I can say it’s definitely unique. We’re continuing the contest until we receive 20 entrants.

      Good luck, and if you know anyone else who might like to submit, please do let them know. Thanks again!


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