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A Life Among The Pages

Thanks to being “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress, my blog basically BLEW UP all day yesterday. By this I mean my old record for daily page views (274, the first day of Indie Week) was surpassed before I even woke up fully. In fact before noon the total was around 1000. By the end of the day I happily had a total of 1824 page views for the day. 1,117 of these were for the post that was Freshly Pressed, my latest Aged Pages post. Along with the views came many people “liking” the post and many new followers. What I’m very happy with is the amount of comments I got. That is the best part of writing my posts. I like the interaction I have with my readers. It lets me know what they like, what they don’t, and lets me know they actually read the post 😉 So in…

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