Book Giveaway, Character Contest Updates

A boy and his turtle, from A Circle in the Woods

Excerpt from A Circle in the Woods

As we’ve surpassed 10,000 views, we’re anxious to give away some books, but so far only five people have signed up.  If you’re interested in a free paperback copy of A Circle in the Woods, just enter your name and email address in the form provided on this post.

As to The Object Character Contest, we also only have five entries.  The entry round for this contest runs until October 1st or until we receive 20 characters.  There are still plenty of spots open, so if you have a character in mind for The Object and like winning money, go to this post to enter.

We’re working hard to get Episode Nine up and available tonight.  I know some of you have expressed an eagerness to see the story moving along at more frequent pace.  Feel free to encourage, hustle, or shout at me.


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