New Block of Episodes Available on Kindle

Several of you have emailed or messaged me asking when The Object Serial: Episodes Seven, Eight, and Nine will be available for Kindle.  Well, I’m happy to announce they’re available now.

Lillia's house burning near I-65 in Louisville

Get the new episodes on Amazon

We don’t have any immediate plans to run free promotions for these episodes.  We want to keep everything free on the blog until the release of The Object: Book One so we can gain as many readers and subscribers as possible.

Speaking of which, Matt, Justin, and I are officially in full-fledged book launch mode, and we’d love your help spreading the word.

We have a Facebook event (2,800+ invites thus far) that will give you simple and quick ways to help out, the most important of which is inviting your friends to join and check out the story.  (Remind them it is completely free.)

The Object Book One, set in Louisville, Kentucky

Join the Facebook Book Launch Event

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