A dystopian novel set in a future Louisville, Kentucky

A New Serial, Dystopian

Actually, I’m going to be releasing two new serials in the coming weeks, Prettiest When It’s Dying and What Thing Had Escaped.  Part One of What Thing Had Escaped is available now.  It’s a gritty tale, much darker in tone than The Object, though they do both take place in the same city (just different time periods).  If you liked A Circle in the Woods, I’d say you’ll enjoy this, too.  Similar writing styles, same violence and depravity and all that good stuff.

A dystopian novel set in a future Louisville, Kentucky

What Thing Had Escaped, Available Now on Amazon

I wrote Part One of What Thing two years ago but put it on the back burner when the idea for Circle started creeping into my brain.  Last night a friend of mine brought up where the idea for Phil Stapleton came from.  I’d completely forgotten, but somehow he remembered me going on and on about a short story I planned to write (and never did) about a creepy guy who starts practicing throwing a boomerang around a house across the street where two college girls live.  The girls take notice of the man standing in the street every day, staring at their house, encircling them with that boomerang.

In developing the story, I became more and more interested in the character and less interested in the storyline.  So I just plucked him out of that scenario and put him in another.  Thus, A Circle in the Woods.

Meanwhile, What Thing Had Escaped has sat forgotten in a file folder on my external hard drive.  Well, now it’s here for all to read and react as you will.  Hope you like it!

P.S.–Here’s the book description:

Survival is a daily struggle for Eugene and Darryl, who walk the filthy, crowded streets of Louisville searching for a day’s work or an abandoned house to loot for salable goods. Though Darryl has a job catering to an elderly rich man who lives in a private suburb lined with stone walls and razor wire, his wage barely feeds him, much less Eugene.

Then one evening there’s a knock on the door and a mysterious man in a suit tells Darryl he’s just inherited the entire fortune of his employer.

The two are quickly whisked away into a life of luxury, peace, and pleasures they never imagined, and as Darryl gets more and more involved with the company in which he now owns a large share, Eugene stumbles upon a shocking discovery: a teenage girl, locked away in a secret room in his and Darryl’s new mansion.

And the story of how she got there uncovers a horrible truth about what the world has become.

What Thing Had Escaped is a dystopian serial novel in five parts.

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