The Object Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon

UPDATE:  You can see the preview page for the Kickstarter Campaign now.  It’s not live yet but should be by tomorrow or Wednesday.  Check out our awesomely terrible video!

The Object: Book One Kickstarter Campaign

To help with our November 1st book launch, we’re hosting a Kickstarter campaign with the hope that we’ll raise enough money to be able to order paperback copies of Book One in bulk and schedule a book signing and sales tour.

We’ve already landed some pretty exciting author interview opportunities and guest posts.  Right now we’re querying dozens and dozens of media outlets and expect to be extremely busy in the month of November.

But doing a physical book tour is very important to us, and before we move with this Kickstarter campaign, we want to get an idea of how many people will back us by pre-ordering a digital copy ($3.00), a paperback ($15.00), or making a larger contribution with varying rewards.

Please vote in the poll below.  It’ll help us decide how much money to shoot for when we start the campaign.  Thanks.  We really appreciate your help.  If we hit whatever goal we set, it’ll go a long way towards making this book release successful.

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