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About The Object

The Object came into existence at Heine Brothers Coffee and Carmichael’s Bookstore on the corner of Bardstown Road and Longest Avenue in Louisville, where Justin and I, along with our girlfriends, met one day for coffee and to catch up on things.  We began to discuss the prospect of collaborating on a children’s book or graphic novel.

Meeting at Carmichael's Bookstore on Bardstown Road

The Object was conceived at Carmichael’s Bookstore and Heine Brothers Coffee Shop.

Before long, we’d considered the limitations of living in separate towns and came up with the idea to publish an illustrated serial novel on a blog.  Then someone suggested we add original music to the mix, and I immediately thought of Matt, who has either written or produced just about every genre of music you can imagine.

It sounded like a fun project at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought we might really be able to build an audience for this thing.  If people liked it enough to tell their reader friends about it, maybe a story written for and about a city and offered free for an extended period of time could gain a real local following.

the object, louisville, kentucky, notes

First notes for The Object

I had written down the idea for The Object‘s basic premise a month or so back.  No more than a line or two about a big massive object in the sky.  What is the object?  At the time, I had no idea.

Later that day, I messaged Matt to ask if he’d be interested.  He signed on immediately and the team was formed.  I started a blog on WordPress, picked a simple template, made a Facebook page and a Twitter account, and started jotting down ideas for the story.

I started building characters based on people I’d really encountered in Louisville.  When I graduated high school, I took a full scholarship to Spalding University.  Presentation Academy, an all-girls college preparatory academy, sits on Spalding’s campus, and the students there take college courses as part of their curriculum.  I had classes with a few of them.  That’s where I got the idea for Lillia.  Though I changed where she attends high school and invented her specific circumstances, Lillia’s well-educated and intellectually committed personality derives from those students.

Sherman came from another time in my life in Louisville, back when I would donate plasma for extra money.

Sherman sitting in front of Louisville Slugger Museum, Louisville, Kentucky

Sherman sitting in front of the Louisville Slugger Museum

At plasma centers you’ll always find people who struggle–people who need that twenty-five bucks so they can eat that day.  And there were always a handful you could tell were homeless.  Their clothes weathered and stiffened, yet their dispositions brighter than most.  You could always tell who the homeless guys were because they talked to each other, across the room, even, while everyone else listened to head phones, read a book, or watched whatever movie the clinic had chosen to play that day.  These guys came in from the cold and were going back out to the cold and yet they had more optimism in them than many people of greater means.

Roger is a caterer for Bootleg Barbeque in Mt. Washington.  I used to work there.

louisville slugger museum, louisville, ky

Louisville Slugger Museum

I created Ted based off of a few people I met when I worked as a maintenance technician at an extended stay motel, though I invented the criminal personality.


After I’d plotted out the first episode, I sent an outline to both Matt and Justin.  A few days later they sent me back an original score and illustrations.  Our first episode was complete.

While writing the first episode, I decided to really make an effort to immerse the story into the culture of Louisville, starting by paying homage to some of the town’s iconic locations–i.e. Cafe 360, The Louisville Slugger Museum, Fourth Street Live, etc.


If you’re a Louisville business owner and you’re interested in being featured in the story, use the Contact page to get in touch with us.  We take sponsorships and we also trade for promotion.  We want The Object to help the city of Louisville shine a little brighter on the map, and if this thing gets popular, we promise to give back to the city as much as we can.

 We hope you enjoy The Object.  Feel free to comment and say hello.


Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky, home of The Object


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