What is The Object?

The Object: Book One Now Available!

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the object hovering over the louisville kentucky skyline

The Object: Book One, Kindle Edition


Welcome to The Object

an online serial novel

Available in paperback November 1st, 2012!


This photo is an aerial view taken recently of the object hovering over Louisville, Kentucky. Photo Copyright Justin Comley, 2012

Welcome, friend, and thanks for stopping by.  If you love to read, this is the place to be.  The Object is an interactive serial novel designed to engage, inspire, and entertain.  Set in Louisville, Kentucky, The Object follows a cast of characters from all walks of life as they deal with the chaos, heartbreak, and insanity caused by the sudden appearance of . . . something . . . in the sky.  What is the object?  You’ll have to start reading to find out.

We love reader participation here, and we love giving things away.  Take a moment to check out Episode One, and if you like it, subscribe to the blog or “like” us on Facebook to be notified of contests, giveaways, new episodes, supplemental blog posts, free book promotions, and other news.  And we want to hear from you!  When you finish an episode, leave a comment before you move on to the next one.  It helps us figure out what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, and which characters we should snuff out.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Scroll down for current news and to vote in our very first poll.  As always, stay safe and keep an eye on the sky!


The Object News

*The first installment of a new serial, What Thing Had Escaped, now available

*Happy Anniversary, Kylie!

*Enter to win a paperback of The Object: Book One

*Help me decide what book to write next.



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49 thoughts on “What is The Object?

  1. Thanks! I joined and have read The Objects first 10 episodes. LOVE IT! Igrew up in Lexington and visited Louisville slot. Love reading about familiar.places. Thanks for both nooks!

    • No problem! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. We’re trying to bring this story to the attention of the entire city of Louisville, then the state, then entire country! (Maybe the world after that? Haha.)

      One reader at a time, of course! =)

    • Sally,

      I’m glad you like it! I’m hoping to get the next installment out before Christmas. When I release it, I’ll do a free promotion on Amazon, so if you subscribe to the blog you’ll get a notification for that.

      Don’t know if you’ve checked out The Object yet, but I’m releasing Book One on November 1st and it will also be free.



    • Cathy,

      The best way to stay updated with any of my books and serials is to subscribe to this blog. I post anytime I release anything new as well as the days they’ll be free on Amazon.

      Thanks! Hope you’re enjoying the story!


  2. Hello there again, Yes A Circle in the woods was excellent reading!!! I throughly enjoyed it! I sent you that email,,, hint-hint…. And WOW still waiting for the next and latest installments of The Object!!!

  3. Hi Winston, after reading so many great reviews about “A Circle in the Woods” I bought it and goner start reading it tonight, regarding “The Object” how many chapters will there be? and will you release it as a complete novel cos I prefer to read it as a novel.

    Regards all the way from The Rock of Gibraltar 🙂

    • Thanks Clive!

      Yes, The Object will be released as a complete novel, hopefully in late August. This is the first of three Object books. When it’s published, we’ll be running a free promotion so you can get a copy for free.

      Thanks again! I hope you enjoy A Circle in the Woods.


  4. I just finished “circle in the woods” oh my!!!!! You are a genious! I was totally taken in, I read the book straight through, 7am I finished, I have never done that before! My daughter and I are downloading this series right now to start reading, so we have several to catch up, will I be pulling another all nighter???
    C. AKin

    • Wow, thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you enjoyed A Circle in the Woods. The Object is only six episodes long so far (about 20,000 words) so it shouldn’t take all night! =)

      A new episode will be up soon, as well!

      Thanks again!


  5. Just finished Episode Six and I’m completely engrossed! Characters are fantastic and can’t wait to see where this series takes us. My mind is in overdrive; the possibilities are endless. Well done, mate!

  6. I have just finished the latest installment of The Object, Im looking forward to the rest!! Since starting this and waiting for more I have started reading A circle in the woods, I find it intriging to say the least. When or if more of your material becomes avalible on Amazon please by all means send me an email! Keep up the good work!!!

    • Charlie, shoot me an email at winstonemersonATgmailDOTcom and I’ll let you know about my pseudonym. =)

      I hope you enjoy A Circle in the Woods. It’s a change of pace from The Object. Thanks!


  7. I just read 1-3 and it was awesome. I live in Jeffersonville IN. just across the river from Louisville, so the Object is over me too! I am very familiar with the area described and so it really came alive for me. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Wow, you are close! If The Object grows a big enough audience, we’re thinking about scheduling an Object meet-up at either this or next year’s Louisville Zombie Walk on Bardstown Road. Have you ever been to that event? It’s a lot of fun!

  8. Winston!

    Am I too late to join in the fun? Pleeease can you send the .mobi files of the first five episodes so I can catch up? I can’t seem to access them on the site.

    If you do I promise to take part in future discussions and promote/post/tweet about The Object for you.



  9. Winston!
    I’ve been missing out on The Object as I’ve been trawling through my backlogged reading list and now, when I finally have some spare time, it looks like I’m too late to join in the fun?
    Is there any way I can get the backlist of episodes for my Kindle?
    I’ll send you a speculative email in hope that you would be so kind as to send me the .mobi files and I promise to participate in all future discussions and post/tweet like crazy!

  10. I believe that the object has always been here and is now ready to reveal its self for what its intended purpose….

  11. I got episode 3 for free so I went and bought episodes 1 and 2 … I hate starting a series in the middle…. ep 1 was great now on to ep 2….. so far so good !!! Hopefully I can catch the rest as they come out free as I am on a VERY limited budget.

    • Great! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. You can catch each new episode here on Thursday’s at 8pm EST, and each episode will subsequently be free on Amazon for five days. If you miss downloading a free episode for your Kindle, message me here and I’ll email you a copy.

      • I downloaded the first three episodes from Amazon’s ereadernewstoday but only got #1. I did enjoy it and was bummed the other two didn’t download. I would greatly appreciate if you’d send episodes two & three. Thank you.

  12. Wow. I have read episode one and can’t wait to read the next one. I HAVE to know what happens next. Well done!

  13. This is an incredibly exciting novel. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters are interesting and I already have a couple of favorites. There is so much going on with the story, but it is easy to keep up. I am dying to know what happens next.

  14. I’ve read both episodes and I’m so excited to see the 3rd one! They can’t come quick enough. HINTHINT 😉

  15. Hello! I’ve read Episode One and I will be reading Episode Two later today. This is already an amazing book and I love the fact that it is interactive. There is so much going on with the book. I love the blog posts. I love meeting the other people on here who are reading The Object. The characters are great. My favorite so far is Sherman. Check out all the local references in Louisville. It makes it more fun for those of us familiar with the city, but it is also great for those who are new to it. Welcome to all newcomers. I hope you enjoy The Object and this journey to find out what it is and what it means for us!!

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