Advertise Your Book

Want to claim your spot on our sidebar?  Follow these simple instructions:

1) Choose which promotional package you would like:

(Click here to learn what each package includes.)

One Week – $10.00

One Month – $35.00

Three Months – $90.00

Six Months – $150.00

One Year – $225.00

FOREVER – $300.00

2) Find the PayPal Donate button on the sidebar and make the appropriate payment.

3) Fill out the contact form below.  Be sure to include your AUTHOR NAME, BOOK TITLE, EMAIL YOU USED TO MAKE PAYPAL PAYMENT, and LINK TO YOUR BOOK ON AMAZON.

4) Email a .jpeg of your book cover to winstonemerson(at)gmail(dot)com.

5) Depending on which package you’ve purchased, we may be in further contact with you-i.e. author interviews.

Your book will appear in our sidebar within one week of purchase.  We will notify you via email when it goes up.  It will stay in the sidebar for the amount of time you purchased.  Books are ordered in the sidebar according to size of purchase, with FOREVER purchases closest to the top.


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