Freebies Galore Over Here

I’m in a rush but I wanted to let everyone know that some of my books are free today. Just click on the Books tab for links. A Circle in the Wooda, The Drought, and The End of the Party. Get ’em while you can!


Download A Circle in the Woods Free, Win Money

Download A Circle in the Woods Free on Amazon, Today Only, 10/04/2012

Yes, Another Competition

Today I’m running a free promotion on Amazon for A Circle in the Woods and I’d like to take this opportunity to launch yet another contest, the winner of which (if there is one) will receive $100.00, a signed copy of A Circle in the Woods, and a Mystery Prize, to honor the nature of the book.

A Circle in the Woods is free today only, so get your copy now.  It’s also available in paperback, if you’re old-fashioned and want to donate to my small royalty check.

If you’ve read A Circle in the Woods, you know it’s a very strange and mysterious book that leaves a lot to the imagination and puts the burden of what the hell happened in the end on the reader’s shoulders.  Many of you may be left with the feeling that there’s an underlying truth to the story.

Well, there is.  Your job in this competition is to tell me that truth:

Who is Phil Stapleton?  What’s he all about?  What does he want from Brittany?  What became of them in the end?

It’s not necessary that you answer each question specifically.  What’s necessary is that you give me an accurate interpretation of the story as a whole.

When someone’s accuracy blows me away, that person will receive $100.00, a signed copy of A Circle in the Woods, and the Mystery Prize.

Use the form below to submit your response.  Good luck.


P.S.–Don’t forget to download your free copy.



A Circle in the Woods FREE today

A Circle in the Woods is free again today for Kindle, so go download it before I cry.

Also, you probably noticed that I didn’t post Episode Six last night.  The cable shorted out on my laptop two days ago and the computer died shortly thereafter.  That’s put me behind in finishing the episode, but I’ll have it up soon.

Now go download my book.

Free Kindling! You Must Haul!

I shouldn’t have to explain how many ways that title is funny.

On March 20th and 21st, I’m running a Free Promo for A Circle in the Woods, my weird and twisted mystery thriller literary masterpiece.  Please, even if you don’t own a Kindle, go to Amazon on one of these two days and download a copy.  The more downloads Circle gets, the higher it climbs on the Freebie charts, which will result in even more downloads.  More free downloads = more sales later.

In the meantime, why don’t you tell me which of these covers you like the best:

A Crawdad in the Eye Socket

A Brittany in the Woods

Super Sad Face Brittany

A Circle in the Woods, available on Amazon Kindle

“All my life you’ve been pacing around me in circles. What do you want from me? Why don’t you just take it and leave me alone?”

In a place where people have been disappearing for years, a little girl gets lost in the woods. Meet the man who saves her life.

On a late summer morning in 1958, Phil Stapleton discovers and rescues five-year-old Brittany Duncan after she spends two days lost deep in the Kentucky woods. Two months later, when a tree branch crashes through the rickety trailer where Brittany lives, Phil takes the girl and her mother under his roof. What follows is a decade of mystery, terror, violence, and tragedy, with no escape in sight.

A Circle in the Woods is a novel that lulls and charms its reader while quietly drawing a knife.

“A significant literary achievement. . . . At times the writing is genuinely brilliant.” — an editor at HarperCollinsUK

“The new generation of literary fiction.” — Casey Watson, author of The Boy No One Loved: A Heartbreaking True Story of Abuse, Abandonment and Betrayal

A Circle in the Woods on Amazon, $4.99