New People, Hello!

I thought I’d drop a quick note to say hello to the new subscribers coming in after last week’s free promotion that brought in 10,000 downloads of The Object: Book One.  Hello and welcome.  We’d love to hear what you think of the story, which characters you like or dislike, where you think the story is headed, etc.  We do take recommendations for murder, if you want anyone dead.  (This offer is limited to characters in the book and does not extend to real people.)

As you can see, things are a little slow right now.  I’m finishing up a side project and then plan to use the rest of March and all of April to write most (or all) of Book Two.

In the first week of May, Book Two‘s episode’s will begin to post weekly with illustrations and original music.  At that time we’ll be posting more regularly.

For those of you still waiting for your Kickstarter rewards, I’ll have your books out in the mail by the end of this month.



53 Hours Until It’s Over

The good news is in 53 hours I can stop talking about it.  I just hope we cross the finish line.  The Kickstarter campaign has racked up $715 of our $1,000 goal.  We need $285 more in the next 53 hours.  With a few promised pledges on the way, we still have a chance to make it, but these won’t get us all the way there.

If you haven’t pledged but think you might be willing, take a look at the rewards we’re giving.  This is our final plea.  The next post you’ll read concerning this campaign will be the results, and then we’ll move on to more interesting things.

Fingers crossed.


Stepping It Up–Followers, Please Read

We’ve passed the halfway point in the campaign with less than seven days to go, and right now we’re exactly halfway to our goal with $500.

This sounds great, but $500 of $1000 is actually $0.  So to encourage you guys to throw us a bone, I’m making a modification to a few of the reward tiers.  I can’t make these changes on the campaign itself (you can’t edit a tier that has already been pledged), but I hope you’ll trust me to make good on these modifications, or else you probably shouldn’t be subscribed to my blog.  Haha.

Here they are the modifications:

For a $3 pledge I will send you a digital copy of all my books, including those published under the pseudonym Lily White.  These can be in any ereader format or in PDF.

For a $15 pledge, I will send you digital copies of all the books along with your paperback of The Object: Book One.

For a $40 pledge, you will receive the two paperbacks promised for the $35 pledge, digital copies of all books, and a print of any illustration from the current episodes.

Visit Kickstarter Page

If you can’t tell, we’re really counting on this Kickstarter campaign completing.  This is our chance to turn the city of Louisville on to the story and gain the local following we need in order for the story to grow.  The great thing is that you, as a reader, will benefit from this in a big way.  With popularity in Louisville, we’ll be able to attract some of the better artistic and musical talent in the area to collaborate with us and make your reading experience so much better.

We appreciate your participation in The Object, and we really do want to be able to offer this story to you for free.  That’s the whole idea of this thing, and it’s one of the reasons I run free promotions on Amazon so much (that and the guaranteed sales boosts thereafter, which provide the income to comfortably run this blog and serial).

But we hope you’ll understand that we’re just getting off the ground, and we need help.  We won’t ask you for money again.

Thanks everyone.


If you make a modified donation, submit your name and email here so I can contact you when the campaign ends.

News, Updates, and Other Fun Stuff

The Object has had quite a day!  We’ve landed a sponsorship from Costello Stone, a Bowling Green-based stonemason company whose work appears all over Southern Kentucky, including places like Western Kentucky University and Baker Arboretum.

I’m talking to several bookstores and it looks like we’ll have widespread opportunity for this tour, as long as our Kickstarter campaign meets its $1,000 goal.  We’ve climbed up to $353, by the way!  An unbelievable response so far.  The only thing we can do now is wait and see what happens!

We’ve also had the fortune to gain two pretty large cash pledges from local supporters, which will secure an immediate purchase of some paperbacks, so the good news now is that even if the Kickstarter campaign fails, we’ll still have enough paperbacks for our first signing, and if we do well there, we can use the money to order more and do another.

I also wanted to let you know there’s a Reader Decision poll at the end of Episode Eleven, which I posted last night.  In the poll are five characters, and you can vote for which of them you most want to see live long enough to get to Book Two.  Vote by choosing your favorite in the poll and then sharing the episode on Facebook or Twitter with the corresponding status/tweet.

I guess that’s all for now, except that I may be posting Episode Twelve tonight or tomorrow.  I’ll be on and off Facebook and Twitter tonight, so if you have any questions about the Kickstarter campaign or Book One, feel free to message me at either place or email me using the form on the Contact page.

Thank you for contributing to such an exciting week!


The Object Kickstarter Campaign Now Live!

We just got approved for our campaign and have made it live.  Take a look, watch our terrible video, and consider pre-ordering your digital or paperback copy of The Object: Book One.  Also, check out the rewards for bigger donations.  We need all the help we can get to make this book launch successful.

Thanks for all your support, everyone.  You guys are awesome.  We appreciate your participation in this book release, and we hope you’ll continue to share posts and spread the word about The Object.

The Object Kickstarter Campaign


P.S.–If you can’t make a contribution, we love you equally for sharing this post!

The Object Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon

UPDATE:  You can see the preview page for the Kickstarter Campaign now.  It’s not live yet but should be by tomorrow or Wednesday.  Check out our awesomely terrible video!

The Object: Book One Kickstarter Campaign

To help with our November 1st book launch, we’re hosting a Kickstarter campaign with the hope that we’ll raise enough money to be able to order paperback copies of Book One in bulk and schedule a book signing and sales tour.

We’ve already landed some pretty exciting author interview opportunities and guest posts.  Right now we’re querying dozens and dozens of media outlets and expect to be extremely busy in the month of November.

But doing a physical book tour is very important to us, and before we move with this Kickstarter campaign, we want to get an idea of how many people will back us by pre-ordering a digital copy ($3.00), a paperback ($15.00), or making a larger contribution with varying rewards.

Please vote in the poll below.  It’ll help us decide how much money to shoot for when we start the campaign.  Thanks.  We really appreciate your help.  If we hit whatever goal we set, it’ll go a long way towards making this book release successful.