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I’m in a rush but I wanted to let everyone know that some of my books are free today. Just click on the Books tab for links. A Circle in the Wooda, The Drought, and The End of the Party. Get ’em while you can!


The Drought is Free Today!

The Drought by Lily White is free again today on Amazon.  Grab a copy, ’cause it’s good stuff!

Remember, you don’t have to own a Kindle to download and read this book.  You can store it and read it in your Kindle Cloud Reader, then transfer it to any future Kindle you buy.

Each download helps the author, whether you intend to read it or not!

Other ways to help out are to scroll down and agree with the tags on the book’s page.  Also “liking” the page helps, too.

Free on Amazon


The Drought by Lily White Free May 1st & 2nd

Author Lily White is offering her small-town saga The Drought free for Amazon Kindle for two days, May 1st & 2nd.

Take a moment and download a copy.  You won’t regret it.

Book Description:

The worst drought in recorded history has left the small rural town of Havensburg, Kentucky in isolation and despair. Reserves are drying up, local officials have failed to enforce water-rationing regulations, and the relentless heat is causing panic and unrest among the town’s citizens.

The Drought follows an eclectic cast of characters through a volatile two weeks of greed, lust, and violence, leading to an inevitable and extraordinary climax no one will see coming.

And it all begins with Willie Strasbourg stealing a pair of underwear from the girl next door . . .



The Drought, a very long small-town novel

While you’re waiting for The Object, check out The Drought, by Lily White, available only for Amazon Kindle.

Already read The Drought?  It needs Amazon reviews! =)

Buy The Drought on Amazon!

Want to read more about Lily White?  Check out her blog, Lily White’s Nightmares and Blurbs!

And as always, keep an eye on the sky. =)