The Harry Twilight Games

As the new author of a book series designed for the highest commercial appeal possible, I am intrigued by the super blockbuster successes of the Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games series, and even the lesser but still impressive Dark Tower and Lord of the Rings books.

The Object is my first effort to write a series that will appeal to a massive audience, launching me into fame and fortune and ensuring a future for myself in which publishers go to war over my next novel, generating seven-figure advances and royalties from box office sales and merchandise.

The Hunger Games fans

Harry Potter fans

Twilight fans

So, fans and lovers of Harry, Bella, and Katniss, I want to hear from you.  To begin, please vote in the following poll to determine which series is most loved by my readers.

When you’re done with that, please post a comment below explaining what you love about your favorite series, why the others don’t hold up, which among them you may dislike and why, and anything else you’d like to share.

(If you selected “Other” please tell us about your favorite series below.)